"Survival Strategy!"

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jnpr girls


Mado*Homu 2011 by cosmos[お仕事募集中]






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RWBY by Montyoum

You're...joking, right?

"I can’t lose any time here! I have to protect her! In the name of the soldier of fire, Sailor Mars… MARS FLAME SNIPER!"


by まー坊




nom nom nom nom nom

" King….Jikoochu…. sama? "

This is the weirdest rejected scene from Pacific Rim I’ve ever seen.


by wtro

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Everyone seems to be enjoying the Click and Drag game! It was fun to make and I love reading what everyone has been getting. 

Mine are:

I am from: Andros

I am a: Fairy

I go to: Red Fountain

My power is: Dragon Fire

Best Friend: Musa

Rival: Diaspro

First Kiss: Sky

In Relationship With: Brandon

Magical Partner: Chatta

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